Ilja Geelen

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Set is a contemporary dance solo which came forth out of a slow-cooking process. One and a half years ago, dancer and researcher Ilja Geelen moved to the north of Morocco. There she was confronted with a reality so radically different from the one she was used to, that she couldn’t even describe it, until she started re-watching her improvised dance videos taken on her Moroccan rooftop. Her movements were giving her answers that her words could never grasp. The solo is inspired by Moroccan traditional circular street performances (halqas). With this solo, Ilja asks herself and you: what does it mean to reset and rewire your habits as a human being?

Music: Nabil Dourgal, Xavier Geerman en Ilja Geelen

Choreography and performance: Ilja Geelen

Made possible by DansBrabant and Makershuis Tilburg

Photo: Yassine Abouhamid



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