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The Three Graces is a dance act about rediscovering femininity where the classical beauty standard is questioned.

CHRONOS researches how the sensual, almost unreal woman from baroque paintings compares to the broad concept of the woman in current times.

In The Three Graces three dances from collective CHRONOS take you with them, seductive as nymphs from a painting, to the most sensual and mysterious images from the renaissance and baroque. Works from Rafaël, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Rubens are embodied, lived and danced.

The by painters created women often present sensual, elegant and submissive poses that show off the body at its finest. When these poses come alive on the stage, it doesn’t only show the depth of the figure behind the painting, but also her (im)perfections, her battle to present the pose and her fun in enjoying her beauty. The paintings present a pretty picture, but also objectify the woman. How does this imagery compare to the current state of social media and how does this define the ways we look at women nowadays?

In The Three Graces CHRONOS asks the audience: what is beauty, what is femininity to you?

CHRONOS is a dance collective consisting of four dancers graduated from the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Since 2015 CHRONOS has created physical and poetic work that addresses important subjects from our society.

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  • Willem II Straat 48 5038 BH Tilburg
  • Willem II Straat 48
  • 5038 BH Tilburg

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