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Don’t Drag Me Down is a one-womanshow by Emily Salvia about not conforming to the labels society puts on you. This mix between a spectacular performance and vulnerable monologues also doubles as a search towards acceptance.

Emily: “Being unknown makes unloved. Fear and hatred come from the unknown. Something that’s unknown for you, can be scary. That’s the reason why I want to reach people with my one-woman show. To show what drag means, to create an image. I think that people should only form opinions about things once they actually know what it means, and won’t judge without foreknowledge about whether or not it’s okay.”

Emily Salvia is the alter-ego of Look van de Ven. Van de Ven is a visual artist who expressed himself via photography, film, theater and drag. He grew up in a village and wants to make people look at the world more openly and spread more love through his work. In 2019 he won the ‘Miss Travestie Noord-Brabant 2019’ with his alter-ego Emily Salvia.

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  • Noordhoekring 1731 5038 GB Tilburg
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