The Soul Travelers – Thursday

@Witte Singel 58C

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The Soul Travelers is an acoustic band who brings poetic raps, folk, jazz and funky rhythms together. Rapper Donnie Adams (from Chicago, VS) met the Dutch guitar-player/producer Guido Schotten 10 years ago during his time studiyng abroad in Amsterdam. Five years later he moved to this city and as G-DO & Xception the duo created a good reputation in the local hiphop and jazz scene. Together with the German percussionist Bert Nellen and the Namibian/Dutch singer Sishani they decided to travel to Namibia. The acoustic sound of The Soul Travelers arised at the beach of Namibia where they could only take acoustic instruments. After arrival in Amsterdam the group got expended with a trumpet (Mark Nieuwenhuis) and an acoustic bass (Koen van den Buuse) and fastly a lot of performances followed at festivals like Beyond Festival, Magneetfestival, Zeeland Jazzfestival and Read My World Poetry Festival.

  • location

  • Witte Singel 58C
  • Leiden

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