Grote Prijs van Nederland: Glenn Foreman

@Bagijnhof 191

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And now, Glenn Foreman. Glenn won the ''Grote Prijs van Nederland'' in the category singer-songwriter, in may 2018. In a fully crowded Paradiso, a world went open for him. The dream, which he actually had been following for years, got in his head and on that stage became a certainty: ' this is what I have to do.'

Glenn's music is ultimate cheerful or ultimate sad and this says a lot about his character: there is not much in between. You could call Glenn restless. Sometimes the Ritalin helps him to balance the peaks and downfalls. It delivers seriousness and sometimes funny nonsense in his songs. It goes deep, but there is also room to laugh and dance.

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  • Bagijnhof 191
  • Delft

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