Rola Azar (ft. Johno)

@Bagijnhof 17

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Rola Azar is an original and exciting voice in Modern Palestinian Music. Her soft lush voice, combined with her strong and joyous stage presence, make for an exceptional show, which tells the story of Palestine through its ancient traditional song, and through its newest most creative productions.

She’ll be joined on stage by Johno, a multi-instrumental, Omni-style musician and producer. Originally a Jazz performer, now heavily influenced by Classical music, Arabic Music, African Nuba, Rai, Gnawa, and Berber traditions, and Balkan music. Johno works with local artists in quite a number of countries and fuses seamlessly between traditional melodies and beats to advanced Jazz harmonies, and classical counterpoint.

  • location

  • Bagijnhof 17
  • Delft

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