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Algorithms are all around (and also all within) you. From biological processes to the digital world, all behaviour, form and function follow from well defined, sequential operations, peppered with a touch of randomness. Algorithms and coding, hence, can also be used to generate art and designs, which follow from the same principles. Combining the power of repetition, decision making and basic drawing methods, can give rise to a whole world of complexity, a world whose “laws” are within your control.

Siddhartha Mukherjee, who recently graduated with a PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering, TU Delft, is also an Algorithmic Art enthusiast/instructor. He’ll give a fast-paced introduction to the ideas that go into creative coding, along with live demonstrations of algorithms generating artwork and designs. Come and find out, among unexpected examples, how algorithmic art can bridge the worlds of Jackson Pollock and Isaac Newton, H.P Lovecraft and Ernst Haeckel, and photography and painting. You shall see how coding can be a tool for decoding art.

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  • Bagijnhof 141
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