Simon Bus – LNP

@Oude Waal 40A

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Simon Bus: “Self-portrait, man on orange floor”

The Netherlands played an important part in the development of the art of self-portraiture that came about during the Renaissance. It is suspected that Jan van Eyck who worked in The Hague until 1425, painted a self-portrait with the work Man with red turban.

In Self-portrait, man on orange floor, Simon Bus approaches self-portrait art from the perspective of dance. With a floor of 2 by 2 meters as a canvas, he portrays himself in poses and movements that fluctuate between his ideal self-image and a caricature.

Choreography & performance / Simon Bus
Music/ Charlie Campbell – showtime paul
Production / Korzo


  • location

  • Oude Waal 40A
  • Amsterdam

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