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@Prinsengracht 219-233

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Revellinho Hamel, better known by his stage name Mad Rev Da Surinam Swordsman (born February 23rd, 1991) is a Surinamese rapper who raps in American-English. He was born and raised in Amsterdam. When MadRev was only 4 years old, he fell in love with the music; Hip Hop in particular. He started rapping and making his own demo’s at the age of 17 and is known for his funky uptempo flows with punchlines, multi-syllable lyrics and strong messages about crooked police officers, prejudice, unity and racism in the world. In songs such as “No More” he raps about his life growing up in Amsterdam using boombap and G-Funk beats with hard kick snairs and funky/jazzy samples and basslines. Mad Rev represents the Hip Hop culture in his own funky way and he is currently working on an Album with producers “Truffel the Phunky Phaqir” and “Mr Zudo” from a group called Da Shogunz. He also does shows all over the country with : saxophone player Jan Driessen, (DJ/Producer/beatmaker) and Yannick Songca (back up MC) You can find music/videos from Mad Rev on : Youtube, Spotify, Instagram (madrev.official) and Soundcloud.

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  • Prinsengracht 219-233
  • Amsterdam

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